The new HIKMICRO LYNX LH25 thermal imaging camera enables thermal imaging technology in a handy form. The HIKMICRO LYNX LH25 is the right device for all customers who want to take a small, efficient and powerful pocket-sized device with them.

Please note that the sensor strength of the HIK-MICRO LH25 cannot match its bigger brother OWL OH35.
The difference, especially in bad weather, is very clear. If you have any questions about these differences, please feel free to contact us in the chat.

Nevertheless, this device will inspire you with its size and design and give you a clear overview in the dead of night without residual light. The LYNX PRO LH25, a top companion in the dead of night.

The HIKMICRO LYNX LH25 has the following features:

– VOx detector
– 384×288 pixel sensor with 12um
– dioprene adjustment for glasses wearer
– LCOS screen with 1280x960px
– manual focus with an aperture F = 1.0
– manual focus to adjust the sharpness
– IP67 protection class
– 171 x 61 x 57 mm
– 300 g Weight
– 10.5 ° x 7.9 ° 8 (H x V) viewing angle
– 1-2-4-8 x digital zoom
– continuous zoom
– 8 GB storage onboard
– image and video storage
– 50Hz frame rate
– 1180 m detection range

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The new HIKMICRO LYNX Pro LH 25 thermal imaging camera is here. Ideal for applications in observation and game viewing in the field and in the forest. The new LYNX LH25 is very small and handy and offers a top price-performance ratio. The device is up to 1/3 smaller than comparable other cameras and offers fast and efficient thermal images. In addition to its small size, the device offers a functional manual focus, starts up quickly and fits in any jacket pocket.

The HIKMICRO LYNX LH25 is the right device for all customers who already have a lot of material with them on the hunt or in nature, but at the same time do not want to do without a thermal imaging device.

Top features:

– 384 x 288 sensor resolution
– small size and weight
– WIFI hot spot
– 12um pixel sensor
– <35mk sensitivity
– LCOS screen 1280×960 [0.4 “]
– Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
– Up to 7.5 hours of continuous operation
– IP67 waterproof and robust construction
– lens with F = 1.0 aperture for extremely sharp and high-contrast images

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Lynx pro LH19

1500 Eur

Lynx pro LH25

1650 Eur