Guide TrackIR 35


The Guided Infrared TrackIR 35mm thermal imaging device enables thermal imaging observations from a very large distance. The Vox sensor from Guided Infrared enables the detection of people up to 1250m. With this device, Guide brings an extremely powerful thermal imaging system onto the market. 400x300px resolution with 35mm lens and 2.3x magnification speak for themselves.

The Track IR 35 mm impresses with the following features:

400×300 pixel VOX sensor
35mm lens focal length
Manual focus
2.3 times magnification (11.1 ° horizontal angle of view)
50Hz image frequency
1-4x digital zoom
palettes (white-hot, black-hot, red-coloring 1, Red coloring 2, red coloring 3)
16GB internal memory card
1280×960 pixels LCOS display
diopter adjustment (-4 to +2)
WIFI support (app) real-time video stream
5 image modes (forest, desert, city, snow and standard)
Hot-spot tracker (indication of the hottest point on the screen)
HDMI interface
Operating temperature -10 ° C to 50 ° C


Guide Thermal Imaging Monocular TrackIR-35

Guided Infrared presents the new Track IR system. An extremely powerful thermal imaging system that has high resolution, top optics and a sensitive sensor to track down and recognize animals in the deepest darkness.

In addition to the fine-resolution 400x300px sensor and the 35mm lens, the device has a high-resolution screen with 1280x960px, stadiometric ranger finder, picture-in-picture function and HDMI output.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg