FLIR Scout III 640


The FLIR Scout III 640 core thermal imager is the next generation of FLIR’s field proven line of compact thermal imaging monoculars, now featuring a super smooth refresh rate for clear defined thermal imaging whether you are spotting foxes at night, or scouting for deer during the day.

Offering advanced thermal imaging performance with a 640×512 thermal sensor, FLIR SCOUT III 640 delivers high performance thermal imaging, for maximum detail at distances previously unobtainable with a FLIR Scout thermal imaging device with a 2x and 4x zoom where required for distance objects.

With one handed operation, for swift spotting of animals from near to far, no need to slowly scan the landscape and miss a subject with selectable palletes for spotting animals hidden in cover.

FLIR Scout III 640 displays the heat emitted by animnals, day or night, and is able to detect heat signatures of animals at up to 1140m with a super fast start up time and a integrated rechargeable battery.


  • Simple one handed operation with 4 button controls, and a quick 2 step menu
  • Reveals the heat signatures of animals over 1km away
  • Submersible and Drop Rated for durability in the field
  • FLIR 10 yr warranty for detector reliability

Additional information

Weight 3 kg