4 lilte 3 carbon shooting stick


4lite – does it all…

1 stick – 4 shooting positions in all heights! 

From stalking & mountain to driven hunts!     

Unique & Ultralight carbon fiber solution!



It’s unique & comfort shooting solution from ultralight carbon fiber telescopic poles, which you will  use all year around in all kinds of hunting.

It’s precision shooting solution, which because of 2 points rifle support, with just a little practice will let you hit the long range target on the go… Beside that, you will do it from standing, sitting or kneeling position with the same precision  as in prone position with bipod.

It’s probably the most versatile shooting stick, which will allow you to use 4 different shooting positions – monopod, tall bipod, “V type” 2 points rifle support for driven hunt or follow the target, “2V type” 2 points rifle support for long range precision shooting.



4 telescopic poles is joined together by rubber parts with magnetic locks, which just in seconds let you set up or pack up shooting stick.

4lite will let you use 4 different shooting positions and switch fast between them depends on game situation and conditions.

Ultralight carbon fiber stick is equipped with fast relies twist clamps to adjust height and 3m paracord rope as carrying strap, which can be useful in some game conditions.



  • 3 parts telescopic pole with fast 1/4 twist lock clamp
  • Magnetic poles lock
  • Weight 840g
  • Max hight extended 175cm
  • Max hight extended & spread 160cm
  • Min hight folded 71cm
  • Min hight folded & spread 61cm

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 11 × 8 cm